When whee.org was registered it was one of the last remaining four-letter domains available. Registered in 1999, Whee.org was registered to provide a domain for experimentation and development. Whee has been providing R&D and networking services under this name for four years.

What We Do

Whee.org itself (this website) is absolutely nothing. The domain is used for network-related development, mostly under sub-domains of whee.org. Whee also provides some not-for-profit hosting and e-mail services. Most of our projects revolve around internet-related technologies such as anti-spam, load-balancing/clustering/fail-over technology, BGP and dynamic routing, and VPNs.

The Network

The main whee.org server is a Sparc running SunOS. This server is colocated at Sihope Communications, and provides all of our public services, such as web hosting and e-mail.

Our other servers include:

  • Titan a SparcStation running SunOS
  • Dione a DEC-Alpha Avanti running NetBSD
  • Rhea a SparcStation running NetBSD
  • Hyperion a SparcStation running SunOS
  • Tethys a SparcStation running SunOS
  • Japetus an SGI Indigo running Irix
  • Desire an x86 machine running Slackware Linux